Hi! I'm Molly.
Why yes, that IS a selfie I took in my car. I don't look nearly as "like me" in professional headshots as I do in shameless car selfies, so I just went with it.
Officially, I'm a product designer at FordLabs (which you may not have heard of, but it's a Lean, Agile incubator within Ford Motor Company, HQ'd in Ann Arbor, Michigan). I spend my days working with a balanced team on all sorts of projects which include: discovery and framing, a.k.a diving elbow-deep into heavy research, talking with users to figure out their pain points and brainstorming how we can best solve them; rapid prototyping (be it paper or digital) and crafting beautiful but usable and intuitive user experiences and interfaces. No matter what, I consider myself a champion of the user and am eager to deliver designs that make things better.
Unofficially, I still flirt with graphic design and web development on the side, and freelance for a handful of amazing clients who I adore working with; people who are just as passionate about their companies as I am about peanut butter. (Kidding. ...But I do really love peanut butter.)

Beyond design?
I love painting, running very slow marathons, board games with friends, reading (books & comic books), cooking, and red wine. I live in the suburbs of Detroit with my husband, two dogs, one cat, and — possibly hundreds? — of fish.

Random fun fact:
I used to play roller derby, and although I had to get stitches in my lip once, I've never broken a bone in my life! ...Knock on wood.
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